Head of Department

Head of the Department
Prof. Rajiv Singh
M.Sc. M.Sc. (App. Maths), M.Phil.
Experience : 30 years
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Department of First Year Engineering

The Department has sanctioned intake of 480 students. Though it is one of the youngest departments in the institute it has qualified with one Ph. D and one M. Phil, experienced and dedicated teaching staff. Department emphasizes on effective teaching learning process with excellent teaching learning environment. There are total 10 Teaching Staff and 4 non Teaching staff. Department has 3 well equipped laboratories as per the requirements of SPPU and AICTE. SPPU Result Analysis of all Departments is carried out by Senior Lab Assistant Mr.Shahaji Sonne.


“The vision of the Department is to strive for excellence in teaching and research, with an emphasis on integrated learning based on curiosity and queries.”


“Engineering Sciences is a bridge that connects Pure Sciences with the Engineering world. The mission of the Department is to impart fundamental knowledge for Engineering and to equip students from diverse backgrounds to become responsible citizens for the betterment of society” First Year all academic and non-academic activities are coordinated and conducted through the Department of First Year Engineering. The Department is headed by FE Dean who coordinates the activities through FE Academic Coordinators, Time-Table Coordinators, Subject Coordinators, Class Teachers, Mentors, subject teachers and Class Representatives.

1.Department organized FE Induction Program with following events
  • F.E. Address  ( Common)
  • Parents meeting in the respective Departments
  • Exploring Session” Know your Campus”
  • Student interaction  with  their  respective departments and class teachers
  • Scholarship Related  instructions By Mr. Dhok
  • Independence Day  celebrations  with  Literary Activity of writing Essay on the celebration
  • Library Orientation
  • Mentorship scheme Orientation by Prof.  Mrs. Padmaja Joshi
  • Mentor – Mentee Interaction.
Talks by :
  • Prof. Dr. Mrs. G. A. Vaidya on” Disaster management”
  • Prof. Mrs. T. S. Khatavkar on “ Technology enhanced learning”
  • Prof. Mrs. G. M. Karve on “ Interactive  teaching  learning Processes” with  Yoga sessions.
2. FE Induction Program & Project Based Learning Activities
  • As a part of FE 2019 Pattern Sem-II Curriculum PBL activity was organized by Department of First Year in coordination with Department of Electrical Engineering -Energy Audit and a team of member from Engineers & Valuers Pune -Property Valuation & Assessment during 20th to 30th Jan 2020.
Talks by :
  • Orientation on “Property Assessment and valuation” by Devendra Patekar
  • Prof. Dr. M.P.Bhavalkar on “Orientation for Energy Audit”
  • Prof. Dr. Mrs. G.A.Vaidya on”Non- conventional Energy sources”
  • The Energy Audit included activities of observation and detailed explanation of Solar panels installed on college Building, calculation of electricity Bills etc. batch wise which benefitted the students gaining practical knowledge enjoyed by students.
  • Property Valuation & Assessment PBL activity coordinated by Mrs. Seema Joshi along a team of member from Engineers & Valuers conducted activities like cost evaluation of different selected areas in college by measurements and calculation.
3. Physical Education
  • Important part of curriculum. Under physical education, students are engaged in various physical activities like running, skipping, and full body workout to make students mentally and physically strong. Physical education grading once throughout the year and grades are submitted to SPPU. Gym facility is provide to perform cardiovascular and weight lifting exercises.
4.Science Forum
  • A platform guided by Mrs. Archana Mirashi & Mrs. Ranjeeta Ghosh to imbibe the importance of Basic Sciences and raise the Environmental awareness.
  • Events like Guest lectures, visits, debates, Science quiz etc.
  • Eco-club under Science forum conducted activities such as tree plantation, waste segregation project, cleanliness drive, river side cleaning etc.
5.Avery Dennison Foundation scholarship program
  • Under this activity First year Department has motivated students and guided for innovative ideas essay writing

Activities conducted under Project Based Learning


Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Total Experience(yrs)
Prof. Rajeev Singh Associate Professor HOD, Applied Science & Maths. F. E. Dean M Sc. Maths. M. Phil. 30
Prof Mrs. A. S. Waghmare Asst. Professor in Engg. Chemistry M Sc. Chemistry B. Ed. 21
Prof. Mrs. A. S. Mirashi Asst. Professor in Engg. Physics M Sc. Physics D.D.E.M 22
Prof. Mrs. S.V.Joshi Asst. Professor in Civil Engineering M.E. Civil- Constr & Mgmt. 21
Prof. Dr. Mrs. S. G. Ghatte Asst. Professor in Engg. Chemistry M Sc. Chemistry PhD, SET 12
Prof. Mrs. R. Ghosh Asst. Professor in Engg. Physics M Sc. Physics NET(June 2007 & Dec 2008) 10
Prof. Mrs. T. K. Mudliyar Asst. Professor in Engg. Math M Sc. Tech 7
Prof. Ms. A.G.Nirne Asst. Professor in Engg. Math M Sc.  Mathematics 2
Prof. Mr.R.M.Mohite Asst. Professor in Engg. Math M Sc.  Mathematics 1.5
Prof. Mr.A.S.Sawant Asst. Professor in Engg. Math M Sc.(Maths) B.Ed 4

Faculty Activities

Academic Year  2019-20
Sr. No Event Name of Faculty Duration Date
1. "Showcasing Carbon Neutrality Approach by Educational Campuses"  and Publication of  "Carbon neutrality handbook” in Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati college of Architecture(BNCA). The broad calculations have been done under the guidance of Dr. Priyadarshini Karve Prof. Mrs.A.S.Mirashi
Prof. Mrs. Ranjeeta Ghosh
1Day 16th June 2019
2. Faculty Orientation Workshop on Engineering Chemistry Prof.Mrs.A.S.Waghmare & Dr.Mrs,S.G.Ghatte 1Day 29th July 2019
3. Attended a faculty orientation workshop for new syllabus organised by PCCOE, Ravet Prof. Mrs. A.S.Mirashi
Prof. Mrs. Ranjeeta Ghosh
1Day 31st July 2019
4. Workshop on Effective Teaching Methodology for Engineering Mechanics 2019 Prof. Mrs. S.V.Joshi 1Day 27 th July 2019
5. Preparing for NBA Accreditation with a case study of course and Program Outcomes Attainment Dr. Mrs.S.G.Ghatte 3 Days 28 th -30th May 2020
6. One day faculty Development Program on IOT Dr.S.G.Ghatte
Prof. Mrs.A.S.Mirashi
Prof. R.Ghosh
1 Day 8thNov.2019
7. Organised a workshop on“Calculating our own Carbon footprints” in PVG’s College of Science conducted by Dr. S.D. Kulkarni from S.P.College Prof. Mrs.A.S.Mirashi
Prof. Mrs. Ranjeeta Ghosh
1Day 7th Jan.2020
8. Participated in 3-days online FDP organised by Jain University on ”Physics of materials” Prof. Mrs.A.S.Mirashi
Prof. Mrs. Ranjeeta Ghosh
3 Days 28th-30th May 2020
9. Organised a Webinar on “Achieving our goals” during lockdown period. Prof. Mrs.A.S.Mirashi
Prof. Mrs. Ranjeeta Ghosh
2 hrs 1st June 2020
10. Attended a webinar on “ Applications of Basic Physics and design and development of various types of sensors” Prof. Mrs.A.S.Mirashi
Prof. Mrs. Ranjeeta Ghosh
2 hrs 10th June 2020
11. Coursera on-line certification course on “Plastic Electronics” Mrs.A.S.Waghmare 5 week Certification on 18th May 2020
12. Coursera on-line certification course on “Organic Solar Cells - Theory and Practice” Mrs.A.S.Waghmare 6 week Certification on 5th June 2020
13. Working as  Kirloskar Vasundhara Coordinators since 2018 Prof. Mrs.A.S.Mirashi
Prof. Mrs. Ranjeeta Ghosh
Ongoing Since 2018
14. Working as Eco club Coordinators and have organised various activities and events related to various environment concerns since its formation since 2017. Prof. Mrs.A.S.Mirashi
Prof. Mrs. Ranjeeta Ghosh
Ongoing Since 2017
15 Working with Sagar Mitra and Jeevit Nadi Groups, which addresses various environmental issues’ Prof. Mrs.A.S.Mirashi Ongoing  
Academic Year  2018-19
1. Workshop on Nanostructured Materials in Catalysis Prof. A. S. Waghmare Dr.Mrs. S. G. Ghatte 1 Week 25th -29th March 2019
2. Coordinated for syllabus revision workshop Participated in syllabus revision on workshop organised by SSPMS, Pune. Prof. Ms. T.K.Mudliyar 1Day 7th May 2019
3. Participated  in syllabus revision workshop organised by SSPMS, Pune. Also contributed in Syllabus revision 2019. Prof. Mrs. A.S.Mirashi 1Day 7th May 2019
4. National Conference on “Urban Sustainability” Mrs. A.S.Mirashi Mrs. R.Ghosh 1 Day 27th April 2019
Academic Year  2017-18
1. Research orientation Workshop Prof. Rajeev Singh Prof. A. S. Waghmare Prof Mrs. A. S. Mirashi Dr.Mrs. S. G. Ghatte Prof. Mrs. R. Ghosh Prof. Mrs. T. Mudliyar 1 Day 5th Aug2017
2. VLAB’s Development Program Mrs. Ranjeeta Ghosh 3 Days 16th -18th July2017
Year  2016-17
1. Faculty Development program on Advances in Energy Storage Devices Prof. A. S. Waghmare Dr.Mrs. S. G. Ghatte 1 Week 28th Nov -2nd Dec 2016
2. State level workshop on rubber technology Prof. A. S. Waghmare Dr.Mrs. S. G. Ghatte 2 Day 7th- 8th Jan 2016

Faculty Publications

Prof. Archana Mirashi
  • Review of ‘Energy efficient Cooling techniques based on various evaporative cooling systems’.
  • International journal of recent advance in engineering & Technology (IJRAET) in volume 4 issue 8 in the year 2016.
Prof. Archana Mirashi  &  Prof. Ranjeeta Ghosh.
  • Text book on ‘Engineering Physics’ (Nagpur University), ISSN(Online)-2347-2812
Prof. Mrs. S. Joshi
  • Text book of Engineering Mechanics (SPPU) ISBN 978-93-82448-87-7

Major Laboratories

Department has three well equipped laboratories having total equipment’s of about Rs. 19 lacs.
List of Major Laboratories in the Department
  1. Engineering Physics Lab.
  2. Engineering Chemistry Lab
  3. Engineering Mechanics Lab.

Students Achievements

 Green Initiatives :
  1. PVG’s COET participated in Kirloskar Vasundhara Green college Clean college competition this year and bagged third prize trophy.
  2. PVG’s College of Engineering & technology Pune, had participated in “Green College Clean College competition under 13thKirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival conducted between 3rd January 2019 to 7thJanuary 2019.
  3. The college faculty and student team had prepared a video on green Initiatives taken in college on various issues like Wet & Dry Waste management, Energy Management, E-waste Management and cleanliness in College and Campus.  The video was presented to Kirolskar Vasundhara Jury members for selection of PVG’s COET for the actual visit of Jury members to the campus.
  4. PVG’s COET was selected out of 40 participating colleges in Pune city for inspection of green initiatives by Jury members.
  1. Sumiran Dode from FE E &TC attend a workshop on vehicle Design.
  2. He also participated in National Conference on Cyber security SECCON v 1.0
  1. Arya Riswadkar represented Maharashtra in 70th Junior National Basketball champion ship and Khelo India Youth Games for which she received an acclaim from Maharashtra Government.
  2. Prathamesh Keole from FE IT participated in Table tennis tournament and won 1st position in ZEST’2020 organised by COEP
  1. Amruta Alset, Pratik Koratkar, Sahil Dhavale from FE E&TC, Shrutika Tathawade FE Mech I, Sairaj Shelar, FE Electrical from One soul dance group of PVG’s COET participated in Nritya Kriti Emblaze 2.0 organised by Kirloskar Insitute of Advanced Management studies and won 2nd
  2. They also won 2nd prize in Infinity’20 organised by NESS Wadia College of Commerce.

Guest Lectures

Guest Lectures Organized during academic year 2019-2020:
  • Kirloskar Vasundhara Program”Orientation and talk by Mr. Vinod Bodhankar”
  • Ice breaker talk by Hema Kulkarni during Induction program.
Guest Lectures Organized during academic year 2018-19:
  • Live Demo lecture on “ Converting Plastic to Petroleum by Sameer Joshi, Rudra Plastics on 07.01.19
  • Inaugaral lecture on “Kirloskar Vasundhara  Ecorangers with a theme Beat plastic Pollution” by, Kirloskar Vasundhara Foundation  on 21.08.18
Guest Lectures Organized during academic year 2017-18:
  • Lecture on “Harnessing the Mind Power” by Venkat Buddhiraju, Scientist at TRDDC on 18.11.17
Guest Lecture organized during current academic year 2015-16:
  • Lecture on “Cyber security Awareness” by Dr. Kailas R. Patil, Professor, Cyber cell coordinator, VIIT, Pune on 03.08.15

FE Result Analysis of last 5 years


Year Class Student Name Percentage
2018-19 FE Bodas Anaya Bhalchandra 9.8 (SGPA) Information Technology
2017-18 FE Naik Shivam Satyanarayan 9.88 (SGPA) Mechanical Engg.
2016-17 FE Jadhav Aditya Baban 9.72 (SGPA) Computer Engg.
2015-16 FE Yadav Rushikesh Ravindra 9.8 (SGPA) Mechanical Engg.