Head of Department

Prof. Mrs. Waghmare Anjali Suresh

Head of the Department
Prof. Mrs. Waghmare Anjali Suresh
BEd.(Science & Maths), ) M.Sc.(Polymer Chemistry, B.Sc(Chemistry)
Experience : 24 years
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If four things are followed -having a great aim, acquiring knowledge, hard work and perseverance -then anything can be achieved”—By APJ Abdul Kalam. Dear students, I believe on this Inspirational and Motivational Quote by Missile Man APJ Abdul Kalam sir. Engineering education contributes an extraordinary share in the overall education system of which first year is the most important step which connects students previous gained knowledge to the forth coming Engineering Education. We feel proud to provide quality education of Engineering Sciences at First Year to students through experienced and qualified faculty, excellent infrastructural facilities, well equipped laboratories.

Further, we provide opportunities for exposure to co-curricular activities through FE Student Induction Program and platforms such as Science Forum, Eco-club. The most important Online education tool- Virtual labs connect our students to eminent faculties from all over India through their designed experiments.

Department of First Year Engineering

The Department has sanctioned intake of 540 students. The department have qualified faculties with one Ph. D, one M. Phil, experienced and dedicated teaching staff. Department emphasizes on effective teaching learning process with excellent environment. Department has well equipped laboratories as per the curriculum of SPPU.

FE Branch Sanctioned Intake
Printing Technology 60
Mechanical Engineering 120
Electrical Engineering 60
E & TC Engineering 120
Computer Engineering 60
IT Engineering 60
Artificial Intelligence and Data


“The vision of the Department is to work for excellence in teaching and research, with an
emphasis on integrated learning based on curiosity and queries.


The mission of the Department is to impart fundamental knowledge of sciences and Engineering to students from diverse backgrounds and to equip them with good ethical values so as to become responsible citizens for the betterment of society”

Academic and Co-curricular activities for all first year admitted engineering students is conducted and coordinated through the Department of First Year Engineering. The Head of the Department coordinates the activities with the help of FE Academic, Time-Table, Exam and Subject Coordinators as well as Class Teachers, Mentors, subject teachers and Class Representatives.

The Departmental Induction Program Coordinators takes efforts to conduct FE Induction Program for newly admitted students which is a major initiative by AICTE, a three-week mandatory induction program, two weeks in the beginning of first semester and one week in second semester. It helps the students to feel comfortable in their new environment, set a healthy daily routine, create bonding among students and faculties.


Sr. No. Name of the Staff Designation Qualification Years of Experience
1 Prof Mrs.A.S. Waghmare  Assistant Professor HOD First Year Department M Sc. Chemistry B. Ed 24
2 Prof. Mr.Rajeev Singh Associate Professor in Mathematics M Sc. Maths. M. Phil 33
3 Prof. Mrs.A.S. Mirashi Asst. Professor in Engg. Physics M Sc. Physics D.D.E.M 25
4 Prof. Mrs.S.V. Joshi Asst. Professor in Civil Engineering M.E. Civil- Const & Mgmt. 24
5  Dr. Mrs.S.G. Ghatte Asst. Professor in Engg. Chemistry M Sc. Chemistry PhD, SET 15
6 Prof.Mrs.V.S. Samant Asst.Professor in Civil Engineering. MTech Civil– Const. & Mgmt. 24
7 Prof. Mrs.R. Ghosh Asst. Professor in Engg. Physics M Sc. Physics NET 14
8 Prof.Mr.M.S. Kore Asst. Professor in Civil Engineering MTech-Civil 17.5
9 Prof.Mrs.L.D.Sovani Asst. Professor in Electrical Engg. ME Electrical Power System 17
10 Prof. Mr.A.S. Sawant Asst. Professor in . Mathematics M Sc.-Maths B.Ed 7
11 Prof.Mr.R.M.Mohite Asst. Professor in Mathematics M Sc.-Maths 6
12 Prof.Miss.K.A.Jangavali Asst.Professor in Mechanical Engg ME-Mech 8
13 Prof. Mr.D.R.Irole Asst.Professor in Mathematics M Sc.Maths ,B.Ed,SET 8
14 Prof.Ms.N.G.Patil Asst. Professor in Mechanical Engg M.Tech. -Thermal Engineering 3
15 Prof.Mrs.V.D.Kokane Asst Professor in Electronic & Telecommunication ME(E&TC) NET 3
16 Prof.Mr.L.P.Puranik Asst Professor in Mechanical Engineering ME -Heat Power Engineering 27
17 Prof.Mr.R.M.Narkar Asst Professor in Electrical Engineering ME(ELECTRICAL CONTROL SYSTEM)S 20
18 Prof.Mr.S.S.Patil Asst. Professor in E&TC Department MTech-Microwave 15
19 Prof.Mrs.R.A.Girme Asst. Professor in Electronics & Telecommunication ME -VLSI & Embedded 15.5
20 Prof.Mr.R.V.Vichare Asst. Professor in Mechanical Department MS -Solar Energy Engineering 6
21 Prof.Mr.G.R.Dinde Asst. Professor in Mechanical Department MTech-Production 2.11
22 Prof.M.S.Jagtap Asst. Professor in Mathematics M Sc.Maths ,B.Ed,SET 1.5
23 Dr.Mrs.A.S.Kale Asst. Professor in Engg. Physics Msc,M.Phil


24 Prof.Mrs.G.S.Bedekar Asst Professor in Mechanical Engineering M.Tech

(Design),Ph.D (Pursuing)

25 Prof.Ms.Soniya S.Ganu Asst. Professor in Engg. Chemistry M.sc.-

Analytical Chemistry


Faculty Activities

Sr.No. Title of the Professional Development Program Name of Teaching staff Total Number of teachers who attended Duration

From -To

Academic Year: 2023-2024
1 Dassault systemes solid works 2024 and 3D experience 1.Prof. R. M. Narkar

2. Prof. D. R. Irole

3.Prof. Rajeev Singh

4. Prof. G. S. Bedekar

5. Prof. G. R. Dinde

6.Prof. L. P. Puranik

6 19-23 Jan 2024
2. Basic rajyoga Meditation Course By Brahma Kumaris 1. Prof. A. S. waghmare

2. Dr. S. G. Ghatte

3. Prof. Rajeev Singh

4. Prof. V. S. Samant

5. Prof. L. D. Sovani

6. Prof. S. S. Patil

7. Prof. R. M. Narkar

8. Prof. L. P. Puranik

9.Prof. D. R. Irole

10.Prof. Vijaya Kokane

11. Prof. S. S. Ganu

12. Prof. G. S. Bedekar

13. Prof. Komal Jangavali

14. prof. Nivedita Patil.


14 9-12 Jan 2024
3 5 days face -to-face UHV-II FDP 1.Prof. M. S. Jagtap

2. Dr. A. S Kale

3.Dr. S. G. Ghatte

4. Prof. R. V. Vichare

5. Prof. A. S. Sawant

6. Prof. R. M. Mohite

7. Prof. Vijaya Kokane

8. Mr. P. R. Gadgil

8 16-20 Jan 2024
4 Climate action and Sustainability organised by maharashtra State Faculty Development academy 1. Prof. A. S. Mirashi 1 8-13 Jan 2024
5 One day workshop on Material Science and Application MCA-2023 1.Prof. R. M. Narkar 1 23 Dec 2023
6 Modern trends of Design thinking, sciences and professional skills in Engg. 1.Prof. M. S. Jagtap 1 11-22 Dec 2023
7 Inculcating Universal Human values in Technical education 1. Dr. A. S Kale 1 18-22 Dec 2023
8 Building advanced data analytics applications with cloud 1.Prof. M. S. Jagtap 1 18-22 Dec 2023
9 Exploring Quality research and its Societal Impact 1. Prof. G. S. Bedekar


1 9-13 Oct 2023
10 Data science for Business 1. Dr. A. S Kale 1 4-8 Sept 2023
11 Implementation of Indian Knowledge System for NEP 2020 1. Prof. A. S. Mirashi

2. Prof. R. Ghosh

2 8-9 Aug 2023
12 Role of Engg. mathematics in the NEP 2020 1.Prof. M. S. Jagtap 1 3-5 Aug 2023
Academic Year: 2022-2023
1 “LabVIEW for Engineers” Prof.N.G.Patil



Prof. R. M. Narkar

04 26th-28th May, 2023
2 “Inculcating Universal

Human Value in technical Education”




Prof. D.R.Irole

Prof. V. D. Kokane

Prof. Mayuresh Jagtap


Mr. P. R. Gadgil

07 3rd – 5th April, 2023
3 Workshop on Human

Rights, Indian Judiciary

System and the

Constitution of India




Prof.Laxmi D.Sovani


04 18th January, 2023
4 Workshop on “Robo-Analyzer Simulation softrware” Prof.N.G.Patil


Prof.Komal Jangavali


03 2nd December, 2022
5 FDP on ,Recent Trends in Automation and



Prof.Komal Jangavali


02 25th – 26th November, 2022
6 Implementation of National education policy 2020: Industry and Institute inkage Prof.N.G.Patil

Prof.Komal Jangavali



03 10th – 11th February, 2023
7 Recent Advances and

Challenges in Electric,

Hybrid and Fuel-Cell Vehicles



01 27th – 31st January, 2023
8 Online awareness Program on “SPIT free India movement” Prof.N.G.Patil


01 18th May, 2023
9 Webinar on, Latest research in polymer blend based

nanocomposites &

metallic nanostructures

for biomedical sensors and optoelectronics



01 18th December, 2022
10 Webinar on , One of the

Top QS Ranking

University for

Engineering in Taiwan & Asia



01 11th December, 2022
11 Webinar on,Application based Program on Adv

Excel, Power Point and Word



01 7th to 28th November, 2022
12 Webinar on , Business

Analytics using Power BI

& Tableau



01 2nd – 20th January, 2023
13 2019 course Implementation and faculty development program Prof.N.A.Kalel


01 1st – 8th August, 2022
14 Syllabus implementation workshop for the subject

of “Computer Integrated Manufacturing”




02 11th – 13th January, 2023
15 Role of Artificial intelligence, Machine

learning & Data Science in Emerging Trends of

Mechanical industries



01 23rd – 30th January, 2023
16 Universal Human Value-


Prof. Mrs..A. S. Mirashi 01 2nd – 6th August, 2022
17 3 days meeting of UHV volunteers Prof. Mrs..A. S. Mirashi 01 20th – 22nd January, 2023
18 Vlab Out Reach workshop Prof. Mrs..Ranjeeta Ghosh 01 7th October, 2022
19 Inculcating Universal

Human Values in

Technical Education

Prof.Mr.Rajeev Singh 01 4th – 8th September, 2022
Academic Year: 2021-2022
1 Inculcating Universal Human Values in Technical Education Prof.Mr.Rajeev Singh


02 4-8th July,2022.

29thNov-3rd Dec,2021.

2 UHV-II Observer (Face to Face) Prof.Mr.M.S.Kore 01 26th -30th July,2022.
3 1st Western Region (WR)Conference for UHV Prof.Mrs.A.S.Waghmare







07 15-17th April,2022.
4 UHV-II FDP (Face to face) Prof.Mrs.A.S.Mirashi





02 2-6th August,2022.
5 Universal Human Value Refresher-1 part-1 Prof.Mrs.R.Ghosh 5 31st Jan-4th Feb,2022
6 Leadership in teaching Excellence Prof.Mrs.A.S.Mirashi 1 18th Nov,2021
7 Inculcating Universal Human Values in Technical Education Prof.Mrs.A.S.W\aghmare


2 20-24th Sept,2021

18-22th of Oct, 2021

8 How to Conduct Students (SIP) Induction Program Prof.Mrs.A.S.Mirashi




4 21st Sept,2021
9 Structural Steel and Its Application Prof.Mrs.V.S.Samant 1 2nd Sept,2021
10 Teachers role in Implementation National Education Policy 2020 Prof.Mrs.A.S.Waghmare







6 3-4th Sept,2021


  *Events Organized /Conducted by PVG’sCOET
11 Virtual Labs Outreach Workshop Prof.Mrs.A.S.W\aghmare


2 24th Sept.,2021
12 Antiaging Prof.Mrs.R.Ghosh 1 14th March,2022
13 Sustainathon Prof.Mrs.A.S.Mirashi


1 3rd-15th Sept,2021
14 Coordinated for Compilation of  Brochure for  college Department and Placement  Office Prof.Dr.S.G.Gatte 1 1st -24th Sept.,2021
15 Higher Education in Bhartiya Languages for Unleashing Untapped Potential Prof.Dr.S.G.Gatte 1 4 th Sept
Academic Year: 2020-2021
1 Effective Teaching Methodology in Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics


Prof. Mrs. V.S.Samant 01 30th June-1st July,2021
2 “Role of Education in Holistic Development


Prof. Mrs.A.S.Waghmare

Prof. Mrs. S.V.Joshi

Prof. Mrs .S.G.Gatte

Prof. Mrs. V.S.Samant

Prof. Mrs .R.Ghosh

Prof. Mr .M.S.Kore

06 29th June, 2021


3 “Effective Online Teaching Learning Process For Outcome Based Education”


Prof. Mrs. A.S.Mirashi

Prof. Mrs. R.Ghosh

02 26th June,2021
4 Ecosystem Restoration Prof. Mrs. R.Ghosh 01 5th June,2021
5 All India Council For Technical Education Prof. Mrs. S.G.Gatte 01 21-25th June,2021
6 Interactive Teaching Learning Stratergies With Affective & Cognitive Approach ( ITLS)


Prof. Mrs. V.S.Samant 01 21-25th June,2021
7 Inculcating Universal Human Values in Technical Education” Prof. Mrs. S.G.Gatte

Prof. Mr. M.S.Kore

Prof. Mrs. R.Ghosh




21-25th June,2021

26-30th Oct,2020

8 Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Environmental Management Prof. Mr. M.S.Kore 01 31st May-4th June 2021
9 NBA Awareness Prof. Mrs. S.G.Gatte 01 11-14th May,2021
10 Cyber Security Prof. Mrs.A.S.Waghmare

Prof. Mrs. R.Ghosh

02 18th  May,2021
11 Central Teacher Eligibility Test Prof. Mr. A.S.Sawant 01 29th May,2021
12 Sensors & Technology Prof. Mr. A.S.Sawant 01 10-18th March,2021
13 “Innovative Teaching-Learning Methods” Prof. Mrs.A.S.Waghmare


01 7 – 12th  Dec 2020
14 LaTeX101x: LaTeX for Students, Engineers, and Scientists Prof. Mrs. S. V. Joshi 01 15th July-15th Dec, 2020
15 Emerging Applications of Geographical Information System Prof. Mrs. S.V.Joshi 01 30th Nov-5th Dec,2020
16 Frontiers of Chemistry Prof. Mrs.A.S.Waghmare   3-7th Nov.,2020
17 Future Perspective of Nanotechnology Prof. Mrs.A.S.Waghmare   9-11th Nov.2020
18 Nanotechnology Science and Application Prof. Mrs. S.G.Gatte 01 23-28th Nov,2020
19 NAAC Accreditation: A way towards quality education Prof. Mr. M.S.Kore 01 2-7th  Nov.2020
20 Coursera: Air Pollution-A Global Threat to Our Health Prof..Mrs.A.S.Waghmare 01 Completed on 19th Nov, 2020
21 Coursera: Chemicals and Health Prof..Mrs.A.S.Waghmare 01 Completed on 27th Nov, 2020
22 webinar on Solar Energy Prof. Mrs .A.S.Mirashi 01 2nd Oct.,2020
23 Outcome Based Education Prof. Mrs.A.S.Waghmare

Prof.Mrs. S.V.Joshi

Prof. Mr. A.S.Sawant

03 6-8th Oct,2020
24 Coursera-Applications in Engineering Mechanics Prof. Mrs. S. V. Joshi 01 Completed on 6th August 2020
25 Coursera- Learning How to Learn. Prof. Mrs. S. V. Joshi 01 Completed on 2nd August 2020
26 Tools for Online Teaching Learning and Evaluation Prof. Mrs.A.S.Waghmare 01 1-6th July,2020


Prof. Mrs.A.S.Waghmare

Prof. Mrs.R. Ghosh

02 18th  July 2020


28 Coursera-Introduction to Chemistry: Reactions and Ratios Prof..Mrs.A.S.Waghmare 01 Completed on 22th July, 2020
29 Coursera-Introduction to Engineering Mechanics Prof..Mrs.S.V.  Joshi 01 Completed on 16th July 2020
30 Coursera-How things work: An Introduction to Physics Prof. Mrs. S. V.. Joshi 01 Completed on 9th July 2020
31 Scintillating Chemistry Prof. Mrs.A.S.Waghmare 01 28th  June,2020
32 Nano material Prof Mrs.. A.S.Mirashi

Prof. Mrs. R.Ghosh

02 27th June,2020
33 Centaury of Quantum Mechanics still and still going strong Prof. Mrs. A.S.Mirashi

Prof. Mrs. R.Ghosh

02 15-17th June,2020
34 Applications of Basic Physics and design and development of various types of sensors Prof. Mrs. A.S.Mirashi

Prof. Mrs. R.Ghosh

02 10th  June,2020
35 Achieving our goal Prof. Mrs. R.Ghosh

Prof. Mrs. A.S.Mirashi

02 1st  June,2020
36 Virtual Event of ”International Yoga Day” Prof. Mrs. R.Ghosh 01 21st  June,2020
37 Web Design and E- Documentational with Google Prof. Mr. A.S.Sawant 01 29-30th June,2020
38 Improving Teaching Learning Experience using Best Practices Prof. Mr. A.S.Sawant 01 15-19th June,2020
39 Estimation and Valuation Prof. Mr. A.S.Sawant 01 24-25th June,2020
40 Guidance to Young Graduates For Preparation of NET/SET Examination Prof. Mr. A.S.Sawant 01 12th June,2020
Academic Year: 2019-2020
1 Faculty Orientation Workshop on Engineering Chemistry


Prof..Mrs.A.S.Waghmare & Dr. Mrs. S.G.Ghatte 02 29th July,2019
2 Attended a faculty orientation workshop for new syllabus organised by PCCOE, Ravet


Prof. Mrs. A.S.Mirashi

Prof. Mrs R.Ghosh

02 31st July,2019
3 Workshop on Effective Teaching Methodology for Engineering Mechanics 2019


Prof. Mrs. S.V.Joshi 01 27th July,2019
4 Preparing for NBA Accreditation with a case study of course and Program Outcomes Attainment


Dr. Mrs. S.G.Gatte 01 28-30th May,2020
5 One day faculty Development Program on IOT Dr. Mrs. S.G.Ghatte

Prof. Mrs. A.S.Mirashi Prof.  Mrs. R.Ghosh

03 8th Nov,2019
6 Physics of Material Prof. Mrs. A.S.Mirashi

Prof. Mrs. R.Ghosh

02 28-30th May,2020
7 Python 3.4.3 Prof. Mrs. V.S.Samant 01 25-30th May,2020
8 Designing and Implementation of Outcome Based Education ( OBE) Model. Prof. Mrs. V.S.Samant 01 7-8th July,2020
9 Soft Skills,IITBX Prof. Mrs. V.S.Samant 01 15th July-15th Dec,2020
10 Career Edge: Knockdown the Lockdown :Soft Skills Prof. Mrs. V.S.Samant 01 4-20th May,2020
11 Effective Online Teaching Learning Process for Outcome Based Education Prof. Mrs. V.S.Samant 01 26th June,2020
12 Applications of Basic Physics and design and development of various types of sensors Prof. Mrs. A.S.Mirashi

Prof. Mrs. R.Ghosh

02 10th June2020
13 On Assessment of Prefinal Year Engineering Students Prof. Mrs. V.S.Samant 01 13th June,2020
14 Career Prospects In Civil Engineering and Role of B.A.I in Fostering Civil Engineers Prof. Mrs. V.S.Samant 01 20th June,2020
15 Organised a workshop on“Calculating our own Carbon footprints” in PVG’s College of Science conducted by Dr. S.D. Kulkarni from S.P.College Prof. Mrs. A.S.Mirashi

Prof. Mrs. R.Ghosh

02 7th Jan,2020
16 National Education Policy-2020 and It’s Impacts Prof. Mrs. V.S.Samant 01 30th Dec,2020
17 Organised a Webinar on “Achieving our goals” during lockdown period Prof. Mrs. A.S.Mirashi

Prof. Mrs. R.Ghosh

02 1st June,2020
18 Coursera Course-Introduction to Engineering Mechanics Prof. Mrs. V.S.Samant 01 21st May-28th June,2020
19 History Of Mathematics Prof. Mr. A.S.Sawant 01 9th May , 2020
20 Coursera on-line certification course on “Plastic Electronics Prof.Mrs. A.S.Waghmare 01 Certification on 18th May 2020
21 Coursera on-line certification course on “Organic Solar Cells – Theory and Practice Prof..Mrs.A.S.Waghmare 01 Certification on 5th June 2020
Academic Year: 2018-2019
1 Workshop on Nanostructured Materials in Catalysis Prof.Mrs.A.S. Waghmare
Dr.Mrs. S. G. Ghatte
02 25th -29th March 2019
2 Coordinated for syllabus revision workshop . Prof. Ms. T.K.Mudliyar 01 7th May,2019
3 Participated  in syllabus revision workshop. Prof. Mrs. A.S.Mirashi 01 7th May,2019
4 National Conference on “Urban Sustainability Prof. Mrs. A.S.Mirashi

Prof. Mrs. R.Ghosh

02 27th April,2019

Students’ Achievements: Ay 2023-24

  • Ajinkya Mandar Pundalik : FE (Div:C- Mechanical -2023-24) got Gold Medal in the Event “SINGLE POOMBAE” in 2nd Open National Taekwondo Championship 2024 organized by R.B.HORANGEE TEAKWONDO DO-JANG (ASSOCIATION) on 27th and 28th Jan 2024 and has been awarded certificate of achievement.
  • Ajinkya Mandar Pundalik : FE (Div:C- Mechanical -2023-24) got Gold Medal in the Event “KYORUGI” in 2nd Open National Taekwondo Championship 2024 organized by R.B.HORANGEE TEAKWONDO DO-JANG (ASSOCIATION) on 27th and 28th Jan 2024 and has been awarded certificate of achievement.
  • Ajinkya Mandar Pundalik : FE (Div:C- Mechanical -2023-24) got Silver Medal in the Event “PAIR POOMBAE” in 2nd Open National Taekwondo Championship 2024 organized by R.B.HORANGEE TEAKWONDO DO-JANG (ASSOCIATION) on 27th and 28th Jan 2024 and has been awarded certificate of achievement.
  • Afaan Shaikh:FE(Div: F-EnTC-2023-24) got Certificate of Appreciation for participating the National Level Movie Making Competition “ENTHUSIA” conducted on 16th Feb,2024 by JSPM RSCOE Computer Department.

Students’ Achievements: Ay 2021-22

  • Sri Anish: FE (Printing-2021-22) got selected in Indian Team in Skate world championship at Argentina during 24th Oct  to 13th Nov,2022.

  • Reva Baglane :FE (Mechanical – 2021-22) Participated in Courses Organized by TCS, Georgia Institute Of Technology and UNICEF in domains such as Supply Chain Management and Logistics.
  • Diya Shah : (Mechanical -2021-22) Secured First Position in Business Innovation Idea Organized by TESA, at PVG’s COET& GKPIM, Pune on 6th May 2022 .
  • Anushkka Sunil Joshi:FE (E&TC- 2021-22) Secured Second Position in Quiz Competition on CyberSecurity,Oraganized by Department of BBA(CA) and Student Development Cell of Sarhad College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Pune.
  • Arpan Shirshetty :FE (E&TC-2021-22) Secured First Position in Business Innovation Idea Organized by TESA at PVG’s COET & GKPIM, Pune on 6th May 2022.
  • Aman Gupta : FE ( E & TC-2021-22) Completed the Internship Program at in as the Business Development & Research Inter during 6th Apri 2022 to 6th May 2022.
  • Heramb Patil : FE ( E & TC -2021-22) Secured Second Position in Ideathon held by Google Developer Student Club at PVG’s COET & GKPIM during April 2022.

Students’ Achievements: Ay 2020-21

  • Rohan Kishor Jadhav : FE (ENTE – 2020-21 ) Participated in Innovative Product Design Competition Organized by YCIS , Satara and Secured 2nd Prize .
  • Rohan Kishor Jadhav : FE ( ENTE-2020-21) secured 7th rank in National level 2021 for Business idea competition organized by Octafx India.
  • Aniket Guagual, Nisarg Kudgunti, Anushka Khuspe from First year Computer branch students secured First Place in Front End Development in HACKTHON 2021 organized by IIITPune.
  • Vaishnavi Rahul Joshi from ETC ,2020-21 branch participated in National level competition Mimamsa 2021 by IISER Pune.
  • Dheeraj Jadhav : FE ( IT -2020-21) Uploaded two Projects on GITHUB
  • Chinmayee Gade : FE ( Computer – 2020-21) Published her own blog : SYNTAXPYTHON
  • Wanave Chetan : FE (ENTS-B-2020-21) participated in Basics of Python Programming(IIT Kharagpur in Oct-Nov, 2020.
  • Swaroop Bharaskar FE (Electrical-2020-21) participated in Computer vision bootcamp with Shape AI, from 21st to 28th in March 2021
  • Swaroop Bharaskar FE (Electrical-2020-21) participated in C++ bootcamp with DSCPVGCOET from 18th to 24th
  • Kamlesh Thombare : FE (Electrical-2020-21) participated in Python and Computer Vision Bootcamp by Shape AI on 14th March,2021.
  • Kamlesh Thombare : FE (Electrical-2020-21) participated in Computer Vision Bootcamp by AWS Students Club – Charusat on 15th March,2021.
  • Mahesh Mungase : FE (ETC-A-2020-21) Participated in Introduction to C++ Programming in April,2021.
  • Mahesh Mungase : FE (ETC-A-2020-21) Participated in Planning a machine Learning Project on 27th April,2021.
  • Mahesh Mungase : FE (ETC-A-2020-21) Participated in Advanced Cloud Formation Macros on 28th April,2021.
  • Mahesh Mungase : FE (ETC-A-2020-21) Participated in Build 10 JavaScript Projects on 1st  May 2021.
  • Mayur Raghwani: FE ( IT-2020-21) Career Edge – Knockdown the Lockdown online course offered by TCS Ion FROM 27th April to 14th May 2020.
  • Rohan Kishor Jadhav FE ( ENTC ) and Dheeraj Jadhav FE (IT ) 2020-21, 3 star coder at Code Chef Profile.in2020-21.


  • Raghav Shrikant Tikotkar (FE MECH A) participated in district level chess competition in July 2018 and secured 4 th rank . After this , she played state level chess competition in Nashik

Students’ Achievements: Till 2019

Green Initiatives :

  • PVG’s COET participated in Kirloskar Vasundhara Green college Clean college competition this year and bagged third prize trophy.
  • PVG’s College of Engineering & technology Pune, had participated in “Green College Clean College competition under 13thKirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival conducted between 3rd January 2019 to 7thJanuary 2019.
  • The college faculty and student team had prepared a video on green Initiatives taken in college on various issues like Wet & Dry Waste management, Energy Management, E-waste Management and cleanliness in College and Campus.  The video was presented to Kirolskar Vasundhara Jury members for selection of PVG’s COET for the actual visit of Jury members to the campus.
  • PVG’s COET was selected out of 40 participating colleges in Pune city for inspection of green initiatives by Jury members.


  • Sumiran Dode from FE E &TC attend a workshop on vehicle Design.
  • He also participated in National Conference on Cyber security SECCON v 1.0


  • Arya Riswadkar represented Maharashtra in 70th Junior National Basketball champion ship and Khelo India Youth Games for which she received an acclaim from Maharashtra Government.
  • Prathamesh Keole from FE IT participated in Table tennis tournament and won 1st position in ZEST’2020 organised by COEP


  • Amruta Alset, Pratik Koratkar, Sahil Dhavale from FE E&TC, Shrutika Tathawade FE Mech I, Sairaj Shelar, FE Electrical from One soul dance group of PVG’s COET participated in Nritya Kriti Emblaze 2.0 organised by Kirloskar Insitute of Advanced Management studies and won 2nd
  • They also won 2nd prize in Infinity’20 organised by NESS Wadia College of Commerce.

Guest Lectures Organized

Academic Year 2023-24

  • On occasion of Navy Day ,4 th December, a guest lecture was organized on 4th Dec, 2023 by R. Admiral Ashish Kulkarni on “Indian Navy Day”. He started with a video showing a beautiful song sung and prepared for the Indian Navy on occasion of Navy Day. Sir showed a documentary on the history of Indian Navy in which he depicted information right from the LathalHarappa-3000BC, medieval period, arrival of European power to Indian Soil, capture of Indian coasts by European warriors etc. He talked about how Indian Navy came into existence in the 1st decade of 16th Century. He also motivated students, especially girl Students about the pportunities in the Indian Navy as a fruitful career in Indian Navy.

Academic Year 2022-23

  • Japan Program for Study Go Work Japan was introduced by Mr.Prajwal Channagiri on 5/12/2022 for First Year Students in Auditorium with the help of college Language Coordinator Dr.Minakshi Atre.
  • A guest lecture was conducted on “Memory Techniques” by Speaker, Mr Amarendra Chitale, PVG Alumina of Electronics and Telecommunication Department, on 5th Dec 2022, Monday for First Year Students.


Academic Year 2021-22

  • On 30th June 2022, gust lecture was organized for First Year Engineering students on the topic
    “ENGINEERING IS AWESOME”, by Mr.Raghvan Koli , author of Novel Series “ The Conqueror Of Destiny”, Public Speaker, Industrial HR Trainer as well as Leadership Consultant . Sir motivated the students for Basic observations lead to the inventions, how to kill Internet Addictions and Attitude: Read and Win.

Academic Year 2020-21

  • On 16th of July 2021, guest lecture by Mr.Bikash Ghosh ,Scientist F & Group Director ,HEMRL-DRDO,Joint Secretary ,Indian Society for Non-Destructive Testing (INST),was organized on “ Non-destructive Evaluation and Applications, A Bird’s eye view “ through Science Forum for all First Year engineering students.

Academic Year 2019-20

  • On 14th August 2019, guest lecture was organized under Kirloskar Vasundhara Eco Rangers (KVER) on
    “Restoration -Our Ramnadi ” by Mr. Vinod Bodhankar attended by all First Year Engineering students along with the faculty members.
  •  On 14th August 2019, guest lecture was organized by Mrs .Hema Kulkarni on” Ice Breaker” for all First Year
    Engineering Students in Induction Program.

Academic Year 2018-19

  • On 07th January 2019, live demo lecture was organized by Mr. Sameer Joshi , Rudra Plastic on
    “Converting Plastic to Petroleum” attended by all engineering students and faculty members of the

Departmental Events

Academic Year 2023-24

  • AICTE-UHV forum based program on” Value Based System in Industry “ Was conducted for College Students in Auditorium Hall on 30th Nov.2023, Thursday at 3pm to 5 pm.The imminent speakers from Industry Shri.Datta Kaulekar , Director of Forbes Marshall, Shri Shekher Kamble, GM HR of TCS and Aparajita Didi , AICTE Observer of Western Region From Bombay addressed the students. This program was conducted by coordinators Dr.S.G.Ghatte and Prof.M. S.Kore , under “ Value Education Cell”.
  •  A Counseling Session for First Year Students was conducted on ” Tense-Free Exam Preparation and Behavioral Aspects “,by college Counseller Madam, Prof.Resha Abhyankar.This session was coordinated by Prof.Mrs.A.S.Mirashi.
  •  First Year Engineering Department faculty Prof.Mrs.Archana Samir Kale of Engineering Physics,defended her PhD.on the thesis “Shape Optimization and End Correction Modelling of Reactive Mufflers”, on 30th Nov.2023 at 11 am. The mode of presentation was online.
  • First Year Engineering Department Faculty of BXE ,Prof. Vijaya Dattu Kokane completed 12 weeks NPTEL Online Certification course approved by AICTE on ” Cloud Computing”.

  • A program for FE , SE and Lakshya Club for our college students was conducted by FE Department on occasion of “Indian Navy Day” , on 4th Dec.2023,Monday. This program was addressed by Chief Guest, Shri Ashish Kaulkarni , Navy Officer. He addressed Glory of Navy by audio and video system. This program was coordinated by Prof.R.M.Narkar from FE Department.
  •  Guest of Honour ,On the occasion of Indian Navy Day, descendant of Late Mahatma Gandhi Dr.Yogi Gandhi ,CEO,US Institute of 3D Technology ,University of California, also addressed to all students.
  •  FE Students and teaching Staff participated in Samvidhan Ralley on 26th Nov.2023 at 8 :30 am, Which was organized by Samaj Kalyan an DTE,SPPU.
  •  An interactive sessions from 20th Sept to 23rd Sept 2023, were conducted on “Gender Sensitization by Divine Solutions“for all First Year Students by Mrunal Patel-Lawyer and “Value Based System in Industry”
    ” Tense-Free Exam Preparation and Behavioral Aspects ” A Counseling Session for First Year Students NGO member associated with PVG’s COET&GKPIM,Pune as external Member in our Institute’s WOMEN GRIEVANCE CELL”.This activity conducted by WGC Coordinator of FE department,Prof.Mrs.V.S.Samant.

  • “SAMSARA Art Exhibition: CHITRA CHAAYA”, coordinated by Department of First Year Engineering on 29/1/2024.All students of First year exhibits their Drawings, Paintings, Photography, crafts etc. Also students showed their talent in making of 10 Avatar of Lord Ram.

Academic Year 2022-23

  • Four faculties, Dr.S.G.Gatte , Prof.M.S.Kore, Prof.Mrs.A.S.Mirashi and Prof.Mrs.R.Ghosh participated in Face to Face 6days, Faculty Development Program ( FDP) ,organized by AICTE on Universal Human Value-2 at Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering from 2nd Aug .to 6th2022.
  • Welcome Address for Newly admitted students were conducted on 7 th Nov.2022 (Joined after CAP Round 1 and 2 ) and on 14th of Nov.2022( Joined after CAP round 3 ).
  • As per AICTE norms, Mandatory 15 days Student Induction Program ( SIP ) for First Year Students ,Academic Year 2022-23 were conducted from 7 th of Nov. to 29 th of Nov.2022.
  • During SIP of 15 days for semester -1 of AY 2022-23, the activities and talks on various topics conducted, such as UHV, Unconditional Self Love by Miss Chitkala Mule , Management for Greener Future BY Dr. Seema Agrawal , How to make the Perfect First Impression by Professional Soft Skills Trainer Ms. Nupur Singh , Yoga Session by Professional Yoga Trainer Mrs.Kanchan Bhosle.
  • Universal Human Values LEAD VOLUNTEERS Meeting Sponsored by AICTE and organized by PVG’s COET & G.K.Pate (Wani) Institute of Management, Pune, Maharashtra, India from 20th to 22nd January 2023 Under Valuation Cell by FE Department.
  • Guest lectures were conducted on the topic “Memory Techniques “by Mr.Amarendra Chitale. Asia to Japan Program for Study Go Work Japan was introduced by Mr.Prajwal Channagiri on 5/12/2022 for First Year Students in Auditorium with the help of college Language Coordinator Dr.Minakshi Atre.
  • Workshop on “Human Rights, Indian Judiciary and The Constitution of India” was conducted on 17th and 18th of Jan.2023 for First Year students by the University faculty Prof.Manoj Wagh in coordination with Prof.Mrs.V.S.Samant, students awarded with the Certificates.
  • Panel Discussion and Deliberations on “ReInvent India” organized by First year Department in Association with Rotary Club for First Year Students, by panelists Mr.Madhusudan Adya (Director of Greenlight Technologies) and Dr.Ashish Karnavat (Economist and Guest Lecture) in coordination with Prof.Mrs.Padmaja Joshi.
  • Industrial visit was organized for FE students at PMPML (Workshop) Swargate and PMPML Depot Katraj on 20/1/2023 from 9am to 3pm by the Subject Teachers.
  • First Year Engineering Parent-Teacher Meet was conducted on 13th2023 followed by Parents interaction with Class-Teachers and subject Teachers. Class Teachers reported Parents the student’s attendance and Internal Assessment records. Meeting was concluded with Parents feedback and question answer session.
  • Our departmental theme for Annual Social Gathering was “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”, we represent all the states of India with their traditional costumes and food dishes also conducted Technical and non-technical events on 13th of Feb.2023.
  • During Annual Social Gathering our department also gives the opportunity to show the hidden talent of Art to artist to exhibits their articles from 15 to 17th of Feb.2023 to all PVG ‘s COET&GKPIM Students and Staff
  • Also conducted Drawing, Rangoli, In campus Photography and Mehendi competition from 14 to 16th of Feb.2023.

Academic Year 2021-22

  • Three Mock MHT-CET Test series was conducted on 25th of August 2021, 1st sept and 11th sept 2021 for Engineering aspiring


  • National Level Essay competition on “Innovative Ideas based on Science and Technology “, for students aspiring engineering (Junior college and school students) was conducted during September 2021. Three best Essay from each category were rewarded with Cash


  • First Year Admission Promotion activity for AY 2021-22, Workshop on “Personality Grooming & Enhancing The Technical Skills “conducted on 19th Oct,2021 Session-I,by Vinod Bodhankar ,Founder Member Sagarmitra.Session-2 , by Mr.Mandar Waghmare , founder CEO, Newton’s Apple Security Solutions.


  • Resource Persons for “Virtual Lab Outreach Workshop “for the faculty of Polytechnic colleges organized by PVG’s COET & GKPIM in coordination with V Labs- IIT Bobmay on 24th ,2021 in Physics and Chemistry Subjects.
  • Sustainathon event organized by TCS, writing Essay Competition on “Innovative ideas for Environment Protection”. During 3rd to 15th September


  • First Year faculty Orientation Program on14th Dec., 2021 was addressed by Horn. Director R.G.Kaduskar and Principal Dr.M.R.Tarambale.. Academic guidelines were provided by Dean Academics Prof.M.P.Potadar and NBA introduction to First Year Faculty by Prof.M.P.Bhawalkar.


  • “Saath Chal” Health Awareness activity organized by Sakal News Paper & Finolex, at Pulgate,Mahatma Gandhi Bus stop on 24th


  • Outcome Based Education (OBE) Orientation for students and Faculty was addressed by Principal Dr.M.R.Tarambale ,NBA Coordinator (College) Dr.Mrs. U.S.Thakar, Electrical Department on 10th June,2022.

First Year Faculty and Students OBE Orientation

  • NSS camp for students were conducted during 30th Dec2021 to 5th Jan2022, Manerwadi Village for which FE faculty Prof. Ms.Gouri Kulkarni , Prof.Ajeet Sawant , Prof. Rajdeep Mohite and Prof.Rohan Panage stayed at camp to supervise students.
  • First Year Engineering Parent-Teacher Meet was conducted on 26th & 27th May 2022 followed by Parents interaction with Class-Teachers and subject Teachers. Class Teachers reported Parents the student’s attendance and Internal Assessment records. Meeting was concluded with Parents feedback and question answer

  • On the occasion of science day 28th, Science Forum coordinators Prof.Mrs.A.S.Mirashi and Prof.Mrs.R.Ghosh organized video presentation competition on 11th March and Science Quiz on 12th March2022 winners awarded with certificates.




  • SWS(Students Development Department ) of PVGCOET&GKPIM,under SPPU Students Welfare Scheme, Personality Development Skills coordinator Prof.A.S.Waghmare organized talks on following topics : “Organizational Time Management” on 14th March 2022 by Ms.Dhanashree Ghare ,counsellor and psychologist. and “ Common Communication Skills and Interview Questions “ by Ms.Manasi Chakravarty,B.B.C.English Trainer on16th March,2022 .
  • 1st Western Region Conference for UHV Volunteers organized by AICTE held at PVG’s COET & GKPIM, Pune coordinated by First Year Engineering Department during 15th April to 17th April




Departmental Events

Academic Year 2020-21

    • Conducted Foundation Session for FE & DSE students after first round Admission on 22nd, 25th, 26th & 27th Jan 2021. During these different talks were delivered by various faculties as.

Dr.Mrs.S.G.Ghatte on topic “Top Ten Emerging Technologies in Chemistry
Prof.Mrs.Ranjeeta Ghosh on topic “Physics in Day to Day Life”
Prof.Mrs.A.S.Mirashi on “Orientation Talk on Environmental Science
Prof.Manish Nagoshe on Introduction to Virtual Labs


  • Excellent response from students was received for Foundation Quiz based on Physics & Chemistry conducted through Google quiz. Students were appreciated by Online Certification for their participation in
  • As FE students were appearing first time for University Online End Sem examination, SPPU End Semester Examination orientation was organized and guided by Principal I/c M.R.Tarambale Sir and CEO Prof.M.R.Mahajan Sir on 28th April 2021.

SPPU End Semester Exam Orientation

  • Orientation Program on- Study Go Work Japan 2021 organized by Dr. Minakshi Atre Coordinator Etc Department & coordinated by FE Department on June 19, 2021 to make students aware about importance of foreign languages for their
  • The NDLI Club Council, the Apex Body of NDLI Club of all Institutes of the country, in collaboration with the PVG’s College of engineering, organized a Common Event titled Technical Quiz , for First year students Club Members, on Saturday, 10th July 2021 at 04:00 PM by Departmental Coordinator Mrs.S.G.Ghatte. Students were rewarded with digital NDLi certificate.

NDLI CLUB : Technical Quiz

  • Under Mentor -Mentee interaction, Parent-Teacher Meet was arranged Groupwise on 19th & 20th July 2021. 300+ parents attended the meet and were made aware of being given the exposure of different academic & co-curricular activities to students during

Parent-Teacher Meet


  • Skill Based Add-on courses , KLiC Digital Freelancing and KLiC English Communication and Soft Skills were conducted in collaboration with Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) .On successful completion of the course, First Year students were rewarded online certification by

 Result Analysis:

Year Overall Passing %
2022-2023 87.5
2021-2022 100
2020-2021 99
2019-2020 94
2018-2019 87


Class Toppers: Academic Year: 2022-2023

Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3

Toshniwal Nishikant
SGPA: 9.84 (AI & DS)

Moghe Dyuti
SGPA: 9.82 (Comp)

Moghe Chaitra
SGPA: 9.73 (Comp)



Academic Year Student Name Class Marks (%)/CGPA
2022-2023 Toshniwal Nishikant FE 9.84 (AI & DS)
Moghe Dyuti Umesh FE 9.82 (Comp)
Moghe Chaitra Umesh FE 9.73(Comp)
2021-2022 Vaishnavee Kiran Sanam FE 9.73  (AI & DS)
Patil Pavan Raju FE 9.59  ( IT )
Patil Suparshwa Shailendra FE 9.59  (Comp)
2020-2021 Dhumal Siddhant Dharama FE 9.93  (ETC-A)
Bhattad Archita Prasad FE 9.91  (Comp)
Ekbote Harsh Santosh FE 9,91  (IT)
2019-2020 Khanapurkar Disha Balkrishna FE 9.82    (ETC-B)
Botkat Chaitrali Deepak FE 9.45    ( IT)
Honap Aishwarya U FE 9.41    ( IT)
2018-2019 Bodas Anaya Bhalchandra FE 9.8      ( IT)
Joglekar Shardul Parag FE 9.78    ( Mech-A)
Dandekar Suyash Anurag FE 9.74    ( ETC-A)

University Rank Holders:

Academic Year Student Name Class University Rank Marks (%)/CGPA
2020-2021 Siddhant Dhumal FE 4 9.93
Harsh Ekbote FE 5 9.91
Karan Kukreja FE 5 9.91
Archita Bhattad FE 5 9.91
Aditya Chavan FE 6 9.89
Aniket Gaudgaul FE 6 9.89
Gautam Mahak FE 7 9.86
Shivendra Deshpande FE 7 9.86
Vaishnavi Jagdale FE 7 9.86
Atharva Oswal FE 8 9.84
Abhishek Dhamdhere FE 8 9.84
Vaidehi Kale FE 9 9.82
Ninad Nasikkar FE 9 9.82
Eshan Nerkar FE 9 9.82
Siddhesh Chaudhari FE 9 9.82
Abhishek Shete FE 10 9.8
Chetan Wanave FE 10 9.8
Anaya Mohite FE 10 9.8
Nisarg Kudgunti FE 10 9.8
Aditi Funde FE 10 9.8
2019-2020 Disha Khanapurkar FE 4 9.82


Faculty Coordinators


FE Admission Cell Coordinator
Faculty Name: Prof.Mrs.A.S.Waghmare
Email Id:asw_applied@pvgcoet.ac.in
Contact Details: 020 24228258
Academic Coordinator
Faculty Name: Prof.Mrs.S.V.Joshi
Email Id: svj_civil@pvgcoet.ac.in
Contact Details: 020 24228258
CDC Member, Exam , Value
Education Cell coordinator & FENBA Coordinator
Faculty Name: Prof.Mrs.S.G.Gatte
Email Id: sgg_applied@pvgcoet.ac.in
Contact Details: 020 24228258
NAAC-7 Cr. Coordinator ,NBA Cocurricular and Extra-Curricular
Coordinator, Eco-Soc Coordinator &
FE.Mentor Coordinator
Faculty Name: Prof.Mrs.A.S.Mirashi
Email Id: asm_applied@pvgcoet.ac.in
Contact Details: 020 24228258
Web-Site Dept.Coordinator & Women Grievances Coordinator
Faculty Name: Prof.Mrs.V.S.Samant
Email Id:vss_civil@pvgcoet.ac.in
Contact Details: 0202 24228258
Anti ragging, VLab Coordinator, Feedback Analysis Coordinator.
Faculty Name: Prof.Mrs.R.Ghosh
Email Id: rg_applied@pvgcoet.ac.in
Contact Details: 020 24228258
Psychologist, Admission Counsellor, UHV Volunteer & FE Time Table Coordinator
Faculty Name: Prof.M.S.Kore
Email Id:msk_civil@pvgcoet.ac.in
Contact Details: 020 24228258
FE Time Table Coordinator
Faculty Name: Prof.S.S.Patil
Email Id: ssp_fe@pvgcoet.ac.in
Contact Details: 020 24228258


Faculty Publications:

AY 2020-21

Name of the author/s Title of Paper Journal Title / Conference Year of publication ISBN / ISSN number
Ganesh dinde &
Study of machining parameters for wet turning of F55 stainless steel using grey relational analysis for improvement in surface roughness Optimization methods in
2021 2522-5030
Ganesh dinde &
Optimization parameters for wet turning of super duplex stainless steel UNS S32760 adopting Taguchi methodology Optimization methods in
2021 2522-5030
Ganesh dinde &
Multi response optimization of process parameters during wet turning of super duplex stainless steel UNS S32760 using Taguchi grey relational analysis Optimization methods in
2021 2522-5030

Social Awareness Activities conducted or Participated by Faculties