Academic Year Activity Date
2019-20 Campus Recruitment Training of 30 hours by Mr Neeraj Athavale of Manudyam for BE June & July 2019
A Seminar on Higher Education Opportunities by TIME 1st and 2nd week of July 2019.
A Seminar on ‘GD & PI’ by TIME was conducted for TE E&TC 15/7/19
Practice Aptitude Tests by Cocubes were conducted for BE students 9th Aug 2019 to 18th  Sept. 2019
A Seminar on ‘GD & PI’ by IBS was conducted for TE Mech & Electrical 17/1/2020
A session on ‘Career Options and Profile Building’ was conducted for TE by BYJUs 11/2/2020
An awareness Seminar on competitive exams like UPSC, MPSC was conducted by Unique Academy for TE 17/2/2020
A webinar on ‘GRE- Now or Never’ by Jamboree was Conducted for SE & TE 27/5/2020
A Webinar ‘Aptitude Test – Gateway for Future’ was conducted by Enigma Institute for TE students 4th June 2020
A Session on ‘Campus Recruitment Trends and Assocoted Skills’ in association with SkillEdge and Jamboree for SE and TE 10th June 2020
A Webinar on How to build a compelling application strategy for GRE by Jamboree for TE 18th June 2020.
2018 -19 Campus Recruitment Training of 60 hours by Mr Neeraj Athavale’s  Manudyam for TE Jan, Feb, March and June 2018
A Seminar on Group Discussion & Interview skills by TIME for BE 7th July 2018
A Seminar on ‘Guidelines for Higher Studies & Career Options’ by TIME was conducted for SE 16/7/18 & 20/7/18
Higher Education Opportunities, India & Abroad’ by BYJUS’ was conducted for TE 17/7/18
An Orientation session by Cocubes was conducted for SE, TE & BE 3rd & 4th July 2018
Planning & Success Tips to Crack ESE & GATE Exams for TE by Made Easy 23rd July 2018
Practice Aptitude Tests by Cocubes for BE 27th Aug 2018 to 3rd Sept. 2018
Practice Aptitude Test for Placement Awareness by ReferenceGlobe for TE 28th Aug. 2019
Amcat Online Test was conducted for BE 26/9/18
A Seminar on Group Discussion & Interview skills by TIME was conducted for BE Printing 11/10/18
A Seminar was conducted on ‘Profile Building & How to Achieve Career Goal’ by IBS for SE Mech 19/7/18
AICTE, Youth4work assessment Test was conducted in Nov. 2018   for passed out batch of 2017-18 Nov 2018
A Seminar on Group Discussion & Interview skills by Career Launcher was conducted for TE 4/2/19


A Seminar on Group Discussion & Interview skills by TIME was conducted for BE classes 5/1/19
2017-18 1. Guest Lecture – Latest Trends in Campus Recruitment by Mr Vishwajeet Kashid, a Recruitment Expert for all BE classes 5th August 2017
2. Orientation to all BE students for  Diagnostic Career Tests and PRE-ASSESS Program of Cocubes 28th August 2017
3. Aptitude Training Programme of 30 hours by IMS for BE August & September 2017
2016-17 1. Group Discussion, Personal Interview and Career Guidance seminar by TIME for TE & BE 1st Feb 17, 3rd Feb 17 & 22 Feb 2017.
2. Mock Aptitude Test and Career Guidance(GATE) by Wani Institute for TE 1st Feb 2017
3. Seminar on Campus recruitment Process by Winpoint for TE Comp & IT 3rd Feb 2017
4. ‘GATE & Opportunities after Engineering Graduation by ICEGATE for TE E&TC & Electrical 12 Jan 2017
5. Guest Lecture on Aptitude Test Guidance by IMS for TE 23 July 2016
6. Guest Lecture on Aptitude Test by TIME for BE 2nd July 16
7. A seminar on Higher Education Opportunities by IDP education for BE. 8th July 2016
2015-16 1. Mock Aptitude Test by Winpoint for TE Comp, IT & E&TC
23rd Jan 2016
2. Seminar on Campus Recruitment Process by Winpoint for TE E&TC, Comp, IT. 19th Jan 2016 & 20th Jan 2016
3. Group Discussion &  Interview Skills seminar by TIME for BE Mech, Electrical & Printing 8th Jan 2016 & 14th Jan 2016
4. Seminar on ‘Higher Education Opportunities – India & Abroad for TE comp, IT by IDP  Education 29th July 2015
5. A Mock Aptitude Test & seminar on Job opportunities in Banking & Civil services by Career Launcher for TE Printing, Computer, IT & E&TC branches 5th August 2015
6. ‘Campus Recruitment Preparation course’ of 40 Hours by 6 Pi Consultants for TE students June & July 2015.
2014-15 1. An Orientation on ‘Campus Recruitment Preparation’ by 6 Pi Consultants for TE 1st August 2014
2. A Seminar on ‘Preparations for GATE & Public Sector Undertaking Exams’ by Function One for TE 21st DEC. 2014
3. ‘Mock online Aptitude Test(TCS pattern)’ by 6 Pi Consultants for TE 25/4/15
4. Aptitude Test Guidelines and Mock Aptitude Test by Career Launcher for TE 13 March 2015
5. Group Discussion & Interview Skills for BE by TIME Institute 31/7/14
6. ‘Higher Education Opportunities like GRE, GMAT & Employment Options for TE by Chopra’s Institute 11th July 2014
7. A Seminar on Interview Skills & Higher Education like opportunities like GRE, GMAT by Princeton Review for BE 22nd Sept 2014
8. A seminar on Aptitude Test Preparation by 6Pi Consultants for BE 27th Feb 2015
2013-14 1. Awareness of Indian Engineering Services Exam & GATE by Imperial Institute for SE 7th February 2014
2. Counseling on Career Management by Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago for TE 11th Sept 2013
3. Career opportunities through University Entry Scheme in Army, Navy and Airforce by Capt. Vidyadhar Nilkanth for TE & BE 19th July 2013
4. Higher Education Opportunities in US by Stencil Counselling for BE 15th July 2013
5. Seminar on ‘Gate Awareness’ by Imperial Institute of Excellence for TE 31st July 2013
2012-13 1. A seminars on .net & project management by Microsoft IT academy for SE & TE students of Computer & IT branches 21st Jan, 13, Saturday 2ndFebruary 2013 and Friday 15th Feb 2013
2. A seminar on GATE & mock GATE exam by Gatecoaching for TE 12 Feb 2013
3. A seminar on Higher Education Opportunities by Gateforum for TE 22nd Aug. 2012
4. A Seminar on Group Discussion & Interview Techniques’ for TE by TIME 4th September, 2012
5. A seminar on German, Japanese & French Training by Mr Amol Nadkarni of Longfinity Institute for BE 30th August, 12
6. A Benchmarking activity was conducted for all the TE students by Bull’s Eye. Mock aptitude test,             Group Discusssion and interviews were conducted for TE On 26th, 27th, 28th July 2012.