The Product Innovation Lab serves as a hub of creativity, collaboration, and ingenuity within our Mechanical Engineering Department. With its cutting-edge facilities, diverse projects, and invaluable sponsorship from
Dassault Systems, the lab continues to nurture the next generation of mechanical engineers and innovators, empowering them to shape the future of technology and industry.

Product Innovation Lab

About Us

  •  Established in year 2016 in association with Dassault Systems
  •  The Mechanical Engineering Department’s Product Innovation Lab is a buzzing center where creativity and innovation thrive. With state-of-the-art 3D printers (Delta and Zortrax), high-powered PCs, 3D scanners, and LEGOs, this lab is a sandbox for hands-on learning. From smart manufacturing to bionics, automotive prototyping to robotics, students dive into a world of projects. Backed by Dassault Systems, the lab has funding and software like CATIA and SOLIDWORKS. This partnership fuels the lab’s innovative spirit, fostering collaboration and cutting-edge learning experiences. In short, this lab sparks the fire of transformative ideas, propelling students towards a brighter future.

Objectives of this Lab:

  • Hands-on Learning: The lab gives students firsthand experience in design, prototyping, and engineering, boosting their grasp of theoretical ideas.
  •  Innovation and Creativity: Advanced tools like 3D printers and high-powered computers allow students to explore innovative concepts and surpass design limitations.
  •  Interdisciplinary Collaboration: The lab’s versatile resources facilitate collaboration between disciplines such as engineering, robotics, and promoting interdisciplinary projects.
  • Problem-Solving: Students are presented with real-world challenges that enhance their problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.

Facilities in Product Innovation Lab

Sr. No. Name of the Equiment Name of Supplier Total Cost
1. Zortrax 3D Printer Arthur 3D Rs. 503152/-
2. Luzbot 3D Printer Aleph Objects inco. 2500 USD
3. Delta 3D Printer BE Project
4. Lego Kits T ech trendis Edu.
Pvt ltd
Rs. 105148/-
5. 3D Scanner Dassault Systems Donated by
6. Work Stations
(20 PCs)
Dassault Systems Donated by
7. 3DExperience Software Dassault Systems Free Licenses
provided by


Faculty Team:

Prof. Vishal Chavan (Lab Incharge)
Dr. M. M. Bhoomkar ( HOD Mech)

Visitors PI Lab :

1. Mr. Praveen Bhagoji Project manager Dassault Systems Visited Product Innovation Laboratory to evaluate ongoing projects in Laboratory

2. Dr Yogi Gandhi ,CEO US Institute of 3D Technology ,USA visited PI Lab on 04/12/23

3.Prof. Dr. Balasubramanian K. , Head and dean Acedemics, IQAC Director , DIAT Pune visited PI Lab on 16/01/24

4.Ziad Hachache, Dassault Systems France visited PI Lab on 20/02/24

5.Vaishali Patange , DG Railway ,Kokan visited PI Lab on 14/03/24



Sr No Project Title Details Photos
1 Vision Based
Object Sorting
(AY 23-24)
The project aims to design
simulate(on 3Dexperience platform)
and develop a robotic manipulator
that is able to use computer vision
along with integration of various
sensors to be able to sort certain
objects from the given lot. Mainly this
robot is going Logistic Industries. It
will sort packages according to the
delivery destination which are
encoded in the QR codes. After
scaning the QR codes robot will
decide which pallet it need to place.
Damaged box are sorted in the
different pallet for the repackaging. It
uses machine learning algorithms
and modules like opencv, tensorflow
and keras for computer vision. The
project is sponsored by LaFondation
Dassault Systems under the
ConnectNext Program 23-24
Guide : Prof Vishal Chavan
Viraj Jadhav, Prachi Kulkarni,
Shivraj Patil , Jayesh Patil
(Factory layout in  3DExperience platform)

(Factory layout in
3DExperience platform)

2 Libro
(AY 23-24)
The Library assistant robot serve a
crucial function in modern libraries,
seamlessly integrating technology with
traditional library services. This robot
efficiently assist patrons in locating
books, providing recommendations
based on their preferences, and even
checking out materials. Their
advanced navigation systems allow
them to navigate through aisles and
shelves, making the library experience
more accessible and enjoyable for
users. Additionally, they help with
basic inquiries, freeing up human staff
to focus on more complex tasks. With
their ability to handle repetitive tasks
and provide quick assistance, library
assistant robots enhance the
efficiency and effectiveness of library
services, ultimately contributing to a
more streamlined and user-friendly
Guide : Dr. M. M. Bhoomkar
Prachi Hawaldar, Sanskriti Bidwai,
Vedant Adhe, Sahil Belekar
3 Asteroid – The
Robot (V2)
(AY 22-23)
Asteroid, the multipurpose
programmable humanoid robot has
been completely designed, developed
and manufactured in the Product
Innovation Lab (PI Lab) at PVG’s
College of Engineering and
Technology, Pune. The robot has 21
degrees of freedom incorporated into
various joints in its body and is
capable of performing human actions
like standing, crawling and walking.
The innovative gripper design makes
use of 3d printed springs to achieve
human-like actuation of its fingers.
The dynamixel MX28 and MX64
motors can provide 2.5 and 4.1 Nm of
torque respectively.
This project demonstrates the
feasibility of developing a low-cost
programmable humanoid robot with
capabilities that mimic human motion.
Extensive optimization allowed the
students to reduce the weight of the
robots body by 67% as compared to
the earlier Asteroid (V1)
Guide : Dr. M. M. Bhoomkar
Kshitij Ghanekar, Atharva Potnis,
Atharva Sinnarkar
Asteroid - The Humanoid Robot (V2)
4 Theano – The
(AY 22-23)
Collaborative Project between BE
Mechanical and BE Information
Technology Departments. This AI
based robot aims to design an
autonomous indoor tour guide robot
for ‘Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum’ to
provide visitors with information and
assistance in identifying artifacts
The Design Patent process is
(BE Mech) =
Kshitij Ghanekar, Atharva Potnis
(BE IT) =
Rijvi kulkarni , Rohan Chitale,
Sudanshu Sali, Aanchal Sarda
Theano - The Chaperone
5 Solar Tracker
(AY 22-23)
Developed an optimized Horizontal
Single Axis Solar Tracker (HSAT)
design, utilizing a dual rail frame for
movement, resulting in a 16% weight
reduction compared to traditional
Torque Tube based Trackers. Each
component weighs under 30 kg,
facilitating ease of assembly, and
allowing the total weight of a 1 MW
plant to remain under the 40-tonne
limit. The design withstands cyclone
wind speeds of 47 m/s and exhibits 5
times better performance against
wind instabilities such as Torsional
Stiffness and Wake Buffeting.
Achieves an increased solar farm
efficiency of 25 to 45% compared to
Fixed Tilt Structures.
The project is Sponsored by Aplos
Ventures Pvt. Ltd. and an
International patent has been filed for
the same mechanism

(BE Mech)=
Omkar Nalawade, Abhishek
Gandhe, Mihir Karle, Abhishek
Velekar, Omkar Akolkar, Mrunal

Solar Tracker

Solar Tracker

6 Material
(AY 22-23)
This is a sponsored project by La
fondation Dassault Systemes under
the ConnectNext Program.Design and
development of multipurpose
automatic material handling
robot to overcome the logistic
problem that often occurs in the
warehouse automation, workplaces
and make improvement to
the facilities provided in the
workplaces. Make efficient
processes by enhancing material
handling and inventory
tracking and management process.
Using system-thinking
approach (MBSE), design and
optimize the system and
subsystem required for the automatic
material handling robot
considering interaction between
systems, sub-systems and
external environment within the
workplace. Development of
system to complement different
functions of navigation,
deployment, operational flexibility,
Guide : Prof. Vishal Chavan
Samadhan Bhava, Shantanu
Kulkarni, Nikhil Koshti, Pradnya
Material Handling Robot (MAMHR)
7 Solar
(AY 22-23)
The aim of this project is to create an
innovative two mirror system for
concentration of sunlight to be used
for various purposes like daylighting,
solar furnaces, electricity generation
The project is fully funded by an
individual benefactor named Dr.
Ravindra Patwardhan, who is a
retired doctor by profession but has
immense passion for such projects.
(TE Mech)=
Sahil Belekar, Sanskriti Bidwai,
Harsh Dugad, Tushar Jadhav,
Nikhil Kale
Solar Concentrator
8 Delta 3D
(AY 22-23)
This is a 3d printer that works using
the polar coordinates as compared to
the cartesian coordinates. Useful
while printing circular objects
Guide: Prof. R. M. Panage
Students :
Atharva Bele, Atharva Kulkarni,
Pragati Sakore
Delta 3D printer
9 Mobile
(AY 21-22)
The project aims to achieve angle and
height of solar panels using two
actuators arranged to transfer the
solar panel cleaning robot from one
array to another. The project is fully
Sponsored by Aplos Ventures Pvt.
Ltd. International patent has been
filed for the same mechanism.
Omkar Nalawade, Abhishek
Gandhe, Mihir Karle, Abhishek
Velekar, Omkar Akolkar, Mrunal
Mobile Docking Station
10 Recirculating
System (RAS)
(AY 21-22)
The project group designed and
developed a three stage water
filtration system for freshwater
aquaculture. The stages included
mechanical filtration, biological
filtration and ultraviolet filtration. The
volume of the system was 1000 L and
it housed more than 150 fish. The
system was operated successfully for
more than 40 days. It was sponsored
by La fondation Dassault Systemes
under the Connect Next program 21-22.
Guide : Prof. Vishal Chavan
Students :
Kshitij Ghanekar, Atharva Potnis,
Atharva Sinnarkar
Suhrud Joglekar, Atharva Sambhus
11 Efficient Post
(AY 21-22)
The Efficient post harvest system is
designed to be able to efficiently
preserve the recent harvest to be able
to store it for a long time. This project
won the best CATIA prize in the
POTY 2022 competition organized by
Dassault systemes. This project was
also sponsored by La Fondation
Dassault systemes under the Connect
Next program 21-22
Guide : Prof. Vishal Chavan
(BE Mech)=
Varad Gole, Neha Chaudhari,
Prathamesh Mule, Madhura Kudre
Efficient Post Harvest Produce Preservation System
12 Asteroid The
Robot – V1
(AY 21-22)
The aim of the project was to build a
low cost humanoid robot. The
students focussed on perfecting the
upper body of the bot, and it was able
to achieve various motions like
standing, waving hello, using its
gripper to pick up objects etc.
The project was sponsored by
Product Innovation Lab
Guide : Prof. Vishal Chavan
(BE Mech)=
Suhrud Joglekar, Varad Gole,Atharva Sambhus 
Asteroid The Humanoid Robot - V1
13 Multipurpose
Vehicle (MAV)
(AY 19-20)
The MAV was designed to combine
various agricultural processes into a
single vehicle like tilling, sowing,
harvesting. A team of SE, TE, BE
students brainstormed ideas before
the lockdown.
SE Mech
Atharva Sinnarkar
14 Chocolate 3D
(AY 19-20)
The project aimed to modify a delta
3d printer to extrude chocolate.
Various rheological properties of
chocolate were studied. Custom
heating mechanisms allowed to melt
the chocolate in a controlled manner
and transfer it to the nozzle via means
of a bowden tube and archimedes
SE Mech
Kshitij Ghanekar, Atharva Potnis