Entrepreneurship Cell

The college has identified Entrepreneurship Development as the need of the hour in the context of growing opportunities for enterprises in India. Developing Entrepreneurial traits in students is one of the graduate attributes. An overriding objective of the venture is to achieve a transformation of minds of students from being job-seekers to being entrepreneurs themselves, utilizing the theoretical and practical knowledge they gained in the college. Entrepreneurship Development Cell is PVG’s COET’s program to encourage and transform Engineers into Entrepreneurs. We aim to enhance activities and provide training to students interested into fields such as: Management, Business strategies Economics, Marketing, Business Organization, Stock Market and Shares.

Entrepreneur Development Cell has been established in PVG COET, Pune in 2003 with the following objectives:

  • Creation of Technology based incubates on a continuous basis
  • Help to create value added jobs and services
  • Introduction of entrepreneurial culture among students.
  • Create effective networking for the development of technology based start-ups
  • Develop internationally accepted technologies
  • Promote students to come up with commercially viable curriculum projects
  • Create student entrepreneurs
  • Create awareness about Technology Incubation and Commercialization of R & D products and processes.
  • Promote small and medium industries.

The following are some of the initiatives taken by ED-Cell of PVG COET, Pune in this direction. It organizes special trainings like Business Skill Development Program, Intellectual Property Rights Awareness, Entrepreneurship awareness Camp, Engineer to Entrepreneur, IPR/Patents/Copyrights session by Mr. R.S.Ponkshe etc.

Every year there are new members who come in as we aim to grow the platform to new heights. Various events are held by ED-CELL such as:

  1. V sharez; Which tries to make students understand a concept of publicly traded company, what are shares, how do one buys them, where to buy them.
  2. B- Plan; This activity aims to make students understand what goes into creating business, what is raising capital, how to fund your venture, how to market the product and also why the product is the most important aspect of a business.
  3. Sell-It; we want to let students experience the process of selling an actual product and why sales is important pillar of a venture.
  4. Thrust; This is the event where students get to interact with successful people, ask them queries about the industry and understand what should one not do while on this path. And some fun events so that they can also enjoy being here.

Core Committee Formation Process: The most important thing is to form a student committee in order to run the Cell. The student core committee is formed under the guidance of staff coordinators of ED Cell. The Student Core Committee includes Mentor (Last year core committee member), General Secretary, Joint General Secretary, Treasurer, Event Secretary & NEC secretary. The staff coordinators & the core committee members discuss the agendas for the Cell to conduct various activities throughout the year. To implement these agendas, the mass and skilful student committee is formed. The programme of orientation is carried out in order to introduce students about the Cell. After orientation, the selection process for the committee members of Cell is conducted. Group discussion & Interviews are the tasks from which the merit of the volunteers is defined & the selection process is carried out as per merit criteria and the points acquired. The final committee is formed with the guidance of staff coordinators. Following are few snaps taken during the committee selection process.

  1. Sell-It: Show your marketing skills with advertising and selling your product using props.
  2. CRIC-Auction: An idea taken from the IPL auctions. Participants have to bid to build their team for a given amount of money.
  3. Football Auction: The gist related to the transfer season and the money involved in it of all the football leagues around the world.
  4. V-Sharez: Actual share market experience through virtual software involving the ups and downs in the “stock” market life.
  5. Business Quiz: Quiz related to the famous entrepreneurs and business world.

EDCELL Collaborated with Sankalp Vyakhyanmala which is, “a collaborative social event for the college youth which aims at influencing our youngsters to find their purpose and work for it with determination through relatable life experiences of successful individuals. This is an initiative by the students, for the students. Under this a motivational speech by Mr.Santosh Gondhlekar was organised.

Venturers: It’s a highly awaited three day event, organized by the Entrepreneurship development cell to encourage students to develop their entrepreneurial skills. The events required a combination of imagination, analytical thinking and zeal. ‘Sell it’ tested the participant’s ability to use marketing strategies in order to make an item seem appealing to the consumer. ‘Business plan’ gave the participants a platform to share their ideas regarding setting up a business and check its viability. ‘V-sharez’ gave a complete virtual stock market experience to the enthusiastic participants. Football, and tease the brain were some other fun events organised. Cric auction gave a chance to experience how a cricket auction is held and also had a grand prize of Rs 8000 for the winner.

THRUST: Thrust was an event organized by our E-cell on the 22nd of March 2019. This event was different from our previous events; it was an event which would prove to be an epitome of a new beginning. Thrust started off by a speech by Mr.Santosh Ghondhlekar, a real life successful entrepreneur on how he got where he is and explained what the journey of an entrepreneur is all about. Then there was a podcast with Mr.Sarang Sathey, one of the most famous personalities we know about his rise to fame. Mr.Sathey being the comic he is, gave the crowd a wonderful time.

To conclude the event we had Mr.Mandar Bhide, a very famous stand up comedian, perform for our audience which as most would agree was the highlight of the event.

Following few snaps related to various events:

Details of Alumni Entrepreneurs:

Few of the alumni of PVG COET ED-Cell who have initiated their own companies are listed below few of them are still pursuing their graduation and started their own ventures:

Student Name Branch Start-up Name
Anshul Abhang IT FLUXONIX Corporation Pvt. Ltd
Nikhil Nahar E&TC Director – Solar Square Energy
Chaitanya Shah Electrical Chaie Animation
Pranav Baheti Printing YAsh Printers
Paresh Jagtap E&TC Print ERA