Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Entrepreneurship Cell

The college has identified Entrepreneurship Development as the need of the hour in the context of growing opportunities for enterprises in India. Developing Entrepreneurial traits in students is one of the graduate attributes. An overriding objective of the venture is to achieve a transformation of minds of students from being job-seekers to being entrepreneurs themselves, utilizing the theoretical and practical knowledge they gained in the college. Entrepreneurship Development Cell is PVG’s COET’s program to encourage and transform Engineers into Entrepreneurs. We aim to enhance activities and provide training to students interested into fields such as: Management, Business strategies Economics, Marketing, Business Organization, Stock Market and Shares. Entrepreneur Development Cell has been established in PVG COET, Pune in 2003 with the following objectives:
    • Creation of Technology based incubates on a continuous basis
    • Help to create value added jobs and services Introduction of entrepreneurial culture among students.
    • Create effective networking for the development of technology based start-ups
    • Develop internationally accepted technologies
    • Promote students to come up with commercially viable curriculum projects Create student entrepreneurs
    • Create awareness about Technology Incubation and Commercialization of R & D products and processes.
    • Promote small and medium industries.
    • The webpages designed by the students can be seen on following link