Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED Cell)

The college has identified Entrepreneurship Development as the need of the hour in the context of growing opportunities for enterprises in India. Developing Entrepreneurial traits in students is one of the graduate attributes. An overriding objective of the venture is to achieve a transformation of minds of students from being job-seekers to being entrepreneurs themselves, utilizing the theoretical and practical knowledge they gained in the college. Entrepreneurship Development Cell is PVG’s COET & GKPIOM’s program to encourage and transform Engineers into Entrepreneurs.

The ED Cell of the college been at the forefront at inculcating an entrepreneurial spirit among young minds. Under the guidance of Management and Principal of the college, this student-run organization has consistently strived to nurture entrepreneurship and ignite flames of innovation in students through various events, guest lectures and workshops every year.

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. N. G. Jaiswal

Email Id: edcell@pvgcoet.ac.in

Mobile No. : 9422364858

Students’ Committee

  • General Secretary: Swaroop Bharaskar, Mobile No. 8668829381
  • Joint General Secretary : Sharvari Karhe, Mobile No. 9359248891
  • Treasurer (Student) : Shreekar Kulkarni, Moile No. 7620785721
  • Head of Sponsorship: Anushray Pingale
  • Annual Event 'Thrust' Secretary: Ruchita Kagne
  • Tech Head : Parth Bhattad
  • PR Head : Pritam Patil
  • Logistics Head: Tejas Kulkarni
  • Content Development Head : Rajasee Thakare
  • National Entrepreneurship Challenge (NEC) Head : Prithviraj Patil
  • Media Head : Mitesh Kulkarni
  • Design Head : Prathamesh Bhagwat
  • Startup Executive : Jayesh Surywanshi
  • Aesthetic Head : Gauri Jadhav
  • Documentation Head : Shreya V. Patil
  • Documentation Co-Head : Shreya S. Patil
The webpages designed by the students can be seen on following link https://www.pvgcoet.ac.in/edcell-pvg/ Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/edc_pvg/

youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@edcpvg/videos

Entrepreneurship Development Cell Activities

Year Name of the workshop/ seminar/ conference Date
2023-24 Interview with Ms.Rakhi Pal, Co-founder of EventBeep and a notable participant in Shark Tank India 5th Oct 2023
2023-24 Networking Session with start-up owners 5th Oct 2023
2023-24 Expert session by Dr. Ravindra Utgikar, Vice President ,Praj Industries, 5th Oct 2023
2023-24 Cric-Auction (like IPL auction) 6th Oct 2023
2023-24 Board Meeting 6th Oct 2023
2023-24 Shark Tank 6th Oct 2023
2023-24 Orientation session_Bhau Institute_Entreprenuership guidance 2nd Aug 2023
2022-23 Orientation session on ED Cell activities for First year students 22nd Dec 2022
2022-23 Session by Entrepreneur Miss Mayurakshi Das, founder of ElixirAI 18th Oct 2022
2022-23 Session by Entrepreneur Yogesh Shinde, Founder of Bamboo India 18th Oct 2022
2022-23 Networking Session by s Mr. Pranav Sharma (National Startup Lead at Motherson Technologies), Mr. Arpit Shrivastava (co-founder of Scrobits Technologies), s Mr. Rupesh Malpani (founder of Pikk.co.in) , Ms. Shambhavi Kulkarni (founder of Nyahari) 18th Oct 2022
2022-23 Shark tank by Leenesh Singh, who is co-founder and CEO of 10000 Startups, Harshita Kushwah, founder of Entrepreneurly India 18th Oct 2022
2022-23 V-Sharez 19th Oct 2022
2022-23 Session by Mr. Smith Gonsalves, an information security professional and Director of CyberSmithSECURE
2022-23 Board Meeting 19th Oct 2022
2022-23 Cric-auction 19th Oct 2022
2022-23 Treasure-hunt 19th Oct 2022
2022-23 Visit to IIT Bombay to partcipate National Entrepreneurship Challenge 26th Jan to 29th Jan 2023
2021-22 Session on "identifying problems and creating a business out of it"  by Mr Tamanjit Bindra, (Co-founder Kaagaz Scanner) 16th Aug 2021
2021-22 Session on "BMC and Prototype " by Rishiraj Kalita, Investment analyst, Huddle 18th Aug 2021
2021-22 Session on "Scaling and Funding" by : Rajat Dangi, cofounder Hapramp( Go Social) 20th Aug 2021
2021-22 EUREKA JUNIOR (Talk for scool cjildren) This event was a task given by NEC, IIT-Bombay, and PVG’s EDC had collaborated with PVG’s Muktangan Junior College to take the session on ‘Entrepreneurship as a Career. ) 22nd Aug 2021
2021-22 Superpreneur (pitching business ideas) 18th of Oct, 2021
2021-22 Business Development and Marketing Strategy session 11th of Dec, 2021
2021-22 Market Analysis session  14th of Jan, 2022
2021-22 Session by onkar deshpande on 'Strengtheing Entrepreneurship' 28th May 2022
2021-22 “1 iDEA | 1 PATENT: Road Ahead to SUSTAINABLE START-UP” 28th Aug. 2021
2021-22 Session on 'Share Market Analysis' y Kartik Pingale 30th Jan 2022
2020-21 Online Talk with succesful entrepreneur,  Quinston Pimenta, cofounder of TimeBolt 26th Sep 2020
2020-21 Online Talk with succesful Author,  Pratik shelke 29th Oct 2020
2020-21 Online Talk with succesful entrepreneur Ashutosh Kumar (Founder & CEO at DoorMonk) 17th Dec 2020
2020-21 Online Talk with succesful entrepreneur Mandar Waghmare (Founder of Newton Apple) Jan 19, 2021
2020-21 Online Talk with succesful entrepreneur Sachin Kumar 4th June 2021
2019-20 In collaboration with the E-Cell of COEP, Session by a successful entrepreneur ,Mr. Abhijeet Gholap, ---
2019-20 30 Students participated in IIT Bombay's National Entrepreneurship Challenge ---
2018-19  Orientation of ED Cell (during lectures) 25th Sept 2019
2018-19 Session by Mr Uday Tikku on Financial Literacy 22nd Mar 2019
2018-19 Session by Mr Hanumant Gaikwad_entreprenur-Hygine Venture) 22nd Mar 2019
2018-19 Auction of football players 23rd March 2019
2018-19 Event namd 'Sell It"  to sell product at higher price than base price 23rd March 2019
2018-19 Cric-auction 24th March 2019
2018-19 event named "V-sharez" Simulation of stock market 23rd March 2019
2018-19 Session on Entrepreneurship  by Santosh Gondhlekar (Founder: Gangotree Eco Tecnologies) 22nd Mar 2019

EDCELL Activity Reports

Student and Alumni Entrepreneur

  • Name of the Student: Shambhavi Kulkarni
  • Class: TE Mecanical (2021-22)
  • Contact No.:     7499414961
First generation Entrepreneur, founder of ‘Nyahari.’ It’s a online Food Order and Delivery Business
  • Received Xartup felloship
  • Admitted in 100X Entrepreneurship Gurukul Cohort
  • Linkedin Profile link:-https://www.linkedin.com/in/shambhavi-kulkarni18/
  • Name of the Student: Prithviraj Batte
  • Class: SE Mecanical (2021-22)
  • Contact No.: 7760543533
First generation Entrepreneur, founder of ‘Randomize'.It’s a digital marketing venture Received Young Enrepreneur of the Year (2020-21) Award in New Delhi
  • Business Website: https://therandomize.com/
  • Linkedin Profile link:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/prithviraj-batte-653550218/
  • Name of the Student: Mandar Waghmare
  • BE Electrical (2019 batch)
First generation Entrepreneur, founder of ‘ Newton Apple’. It’s a cyber security related company. Also the co-founder of ‘Qolaborate’. It’s a Animation, VFX and Comics Industry
  • Linkedin Profile link:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/mandar-waghmare-98b716163/
  • Name of the Alumni: Aishwarya Gore
  • BE Electrical (2019 batch)
First generation Entrepreneur, co-founder of ‘Newton Apple’.It’s a cyber security related company. Also the co-founder of ‘Qolaborate’. It’s a Animation, VFX and Comics Industry
  • Name of the Alumni: Mihir Paygude
  • BE Electrical (2019 batch)
First generation Entrepreneur, founder of ‘Newton Apple’. It’s a cyber security related company. Linkedin Profile link:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/mihir-paygude-6817a4187/
  • Name of the Alumni: Chaitanya Shaha
  • BE Electrical (2019 batch)
First generation Entrepreneur, founder of  ‘Custard Apple’ company.It’s a Animation , VFX abd Gaming Industry. Also the founder of  ‘Qolaborate Studio’. It’s a Animation, VFX and Comics Industry Linkedin Profile link:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/chaitanya-shaha-46668318b/
  • Name of the Student: Aniket Patil
  • TE Computer Sci. (2021-22)
COO, Co-Founder and Developer at CoderZDevs Solutions Linkedin Profile link:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/aniket-patil-2459a01aa/
  • Name of the Student: Prathamesh Kulkarni
  • TE Computer Sci. (2021-22)
  • Founder and Developer at CoderZDevs Solutions
Linkedin Profile link:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/prathamesh-kulkarni-a18316192/
  • Name of the Student: Sarthak Karandikar
  • FE (AI&DS 2021-22)
Co-Founder @Passion8 | Content Creator @The Revolution Linkedin Profile link:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarthak-karandikar-0223b7228/
  • Name of the Alumni: Prasad Ranaware
  • BE Mechanical (2016-17)
  • Contact No. 9527676633
  • Name of the Company: Auto-Mach Technologies
  • Specialist in Precision Gear & Shafts
Linkedin Profile link:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/prasad-ranaware-32709616a/
  • Name of the Alumni: Sanchek Pilane
  • BE Mechanical (2016-17)
  • Contact No. 8149892796
  • Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Exa Mobility . Created as Mobility as a service (MaaS) platform to radically change the way people and goods are moved. Linkedin Profile link:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanchek-pilane/      
  • Name of the Alumni: Agranya Jampala
  • Mechanical Alumni
  • Contact No. 9623004433
Entrepreneur Co-Founder and CEO at Mavmo Pvt. Ltd. Linkedin Profile link:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/agranyajampala/
  • Name of the Alumni: Vaibhav Jain
  • Alumni_ BE Mechanical 2014-15
  • Contact No. 9764751920
Entrepreneur, Founder at 3Deometry Innovations, It’s a 3D Printing Manufacturing Company. Company Website: https://3deometry.com/ Linkedin Profile link:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/vaibhavjain27/
  • Name of the Alumni: Mihir Karle
  • Class: TE Mechanical 2021-22
  • Contact No. 9970792775
Entrepreneur, Manufacturer of Eco-friendly  plantation module. Linkedin Profile link:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/mihir-karle-1460691aa/
  • Name of the Alumni: Meet Rabara
  • Class: BE Printing 2018-19
  • Contact No. 9429044804
Entrepreneur, Offset Printing & Mono Carton Packaging Linkedin Profile link:-https://www.linkedin.com/in/meet-rabara-72445512b/ Website:- www.fairlineoffset.unaux.com