Objectives of Mentoring Scheme

  • To discuss, counsel and solve academic and personal problems.
  • Encourage to take part in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities along with academics.
  • To make aware of various scholarship schemes available.
  • To provide guidance regarding placement and higher studies.
  • To stimulate students to think in new and creative way.
  • To concentrate on intellectual, social and professional growth of students.

Structure of Mentoring Scheme

Department Mentor Coordinators

Mentoring Cell Meetings


Meeting with Mentees

Training for Mentors by Hema Kulkarni

Corona Warriors

Special Activity was carried out during pandemic. To motivate and recognise students and staff who have gone out of the way to help the society in those hard times. Special recognition of such students was done by displaying their efforts on website under “Corona Warriors”.

Mentoring at FE Induction Programme

AY 2019-20

AY 2020-21

AY 2021-22

Mentoring Cell Facility