Vision Statement

To achieve excellence in engineering education


Mission Statement

To satisfy all stakeholders.
To develop ethical, highly motivated engineering professionals with good human values, requisite skills and competencies.
To adopt innovative teaching mechanisms.
To promote research culture.
To contribute to country’s economic developments.
To be responsive to changes In technology, socio-economic and environmental conditions.


  1. Develop ethical engineering professionals with the necessary skills, competencies, and knowledge and a strong foundation in human values.
  2. Facilitate students for their personality development and career guidance.
  3. Implement innovative teaching mechanisms and pedagogical approaches to enhance the learning experience, ICT-based teaching-learning and improve student outcomes.
  4. Cultivate a research culture among faculty and students by promoting and supporting research activities, projects, and collaborations.
  5. Facilitate industry collaborations, promote innovation and technology sharing, and exchanging knowledge to create new ideas, solve societal problems and contribute to the country’s economic growth.
  6. Stay responsive to changes in technology, socio-economic trends, and environmental conditions by updating curriculum, focusing sustainability, infrastructure, and teaching methodologies accordingly.
  7. Seek input from stakeholders and integrate their feedback to ensure satisfaction among all stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, industry partners, alumni, and the community, by delivering quality education.
  8. Strengthen mechanisms for continuous quality improvement across all aspects of the institute, including teaching, research, infrastructure, and administration.
  9. Become autonomous institute to design curriculum and pedagogical approaches to industry needs, promote interdisciplinary learning, foster critical thinking, innovation, and further expand outreach and extension services.
  10. To implement guidelines given by National Education Policy 2020 to transform the educational approach through a holistic and multidisciplinary education thereby progressing towards the institute’s vision of achieving excellence in engineering education.